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  • Website Zone

    We provide both Windows and Linux server based websites.

    For NGO or Non Profit organisation we provide website at half price.

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  • Software Zone

    We develop and design application for Accounting, Real-estate, Hotel, Catering, Shop, Medical Store, School, Hospital etc.

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Mobile Websites

This is new service provided by us. Now days every one using there mobile or hand held device to access various services and products.

So, we provide websites that can compatible with hand held devices like Cellphone, Ipad, Iphone etc

Now every one can access your products and services through mobile device.

Advantages of mobile website

More Flexible and Cost-Effective Than App Development
A mobile website is generally a much less restrictive means to build a mobile presence compared to app development. For one thing, app development requires the production of different apps for different platforms (e.g. iPhone vs. Android vs. Blackberry), and submission to an app store,

Competitive Advantage
A mobile website puts you in a position to stand out among competitors - if your website doesn't look good on a smartphone users will move on to one that does. A mobile website ensures that you - not your competitors - capture visitor attention while you have it.

Improved User Experience
Mobile websites are specifically designed for handheld devices - nobody wants to browse a desktop website on their smartphone! Research on mobile website usability shows that mobile-optimized websites significantly improve user experience and satisfaction, which makes a positive impression when it counts.

Brand Identity
Developing for mobile can expand your brand and product beyond your website into apps and software programs. The possibilities with mobile technology are growing by the day.

If your business targets people on the move (e.g. a restaurant or hotel), you'll most likely pick up business with good mobile web development.

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